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At Tathastu, we engage our clients in a conversation to thoroughly understand the psyche and the yearning to possess that fabulous body. Yes, cutting flab or shaping up is certainly not a walk in the park, for it isn't accomplished overnight, and, indeed, it shouldn’t! Many of you may not be aware of an underlying Medical Condition that you may have, and why you are not successful in losing weight. Weight loss can be achieved only when the underlying reasons of obesity are identified and acknowledged.

To offer you a program that takes care of weight loss while addressing all your health concerns, we start with a complete Body Composition Analysis for each of our clients. Our team of experts studies the social/personal situations, along with the medical history, which could interfere with the desired result. And in certain cases, we also advise a routine test to be carried out.

Every relationship at Tathastu begins with an in-depth evaluation by professional staff who analyze many factors, giving you a realistic and accurate expectation for safe and effective and sustainable weight loss. On your journey at Tathastu, you will be guided by the expertise of our team of highly qualified professionals that include...






Tathastu Day Spa




Beauty Experts


...who holistically implement highly customized programs, formulated just for you.

According to individual needs, we can devise a treatment comprising all the above services with massages, spot reductions, state-of-the-art equipment that help not only with inch loss, but also in skin tightening and muscle toning. Our equipment offers a varied range of services. We are all aware of the benefits of regular exercising and its positive effects on our body, skin and hair. Regular exercise not only helps us regulate our weight, but also helps keep our skin glowing. Our expert physiotherapists will help schedule a time table for various exercises to be carried out at our Gym -- for Muscle and Music -- spreading across. We have employed highly trained Gym instructors to help guide you through your workout for optimal results.

Safe and effective treatment options

We amalgamate the best of therapies, massages and baths and latest hi-tech machines to help you start your weight reduction endeavor. The suggested dietary modifications, exercise regimen and lifestyle changes are a result of a scientific, tried and trusted approach. All our treatment options have been thoughtfully put together by qualified fitness and medical professionals. What’s more, they have a wealth of experience in India and abroad. Our world class, cutting-edge technology gives them an extra edge while they are at work.